How much is a Meerkovo meerkat worth?

Desperate to get your hands on a Meerkovo meerkat? Time to do the maths!

Auction sites such as have several sellers offering Meerkovo meerkat toys for sale, and certainly buyers seem willing to pay good money for one of these popular meerkat toys. So, just for fun, we’ve charted the sale prices for an official Sergei meerkat toy sold by a private seller on from 6-21 August 2011. (When more than one Sergei meerkat toy was sold on one day, we’ve shown the highest price achieved for that day.)

As you can see, the average price is currently hovering at around £80, so it’s worth doing some maths at this point to work out that all important question – can you get your Meerkovo meerkat for less?

If you have car, van, home or pet insurance due for renewal, then very probably yes! Simply get a quote from, and compare it with what you are paying at present.

  • If the new quote is cheaper than you’re paying at present, hey, you’re quids in! You can claim a free toy after you buy your new policy through
  • If the new quote is more than £30 higher than you are paying at present, it’s cheaper to buy a ‘generic’ meerkat cuddly toy by Hansa or Keel toys, and dress him up yourself, (with Granny’s help, no doubt), rather than taking out the new policy.
  • If the new quote is more than £80 higher than you are paying at present, it’s cheaper to buy your Meerkovo meerkat from eBay and keep your current insurance policy.

• Make sure you have the latest quote from your current insurer for the next year – rates inevitably go up every year even for loyal customers. It certainly does no harm to check out the latest prices at anyway, as you can always use this as leverage to get a lower price from your current insurer if needs be.

• Remember, even when you buy a policy from, you cannot specify which Meerkovo character you want  – you get what you are sent.

So, is Sergei worth £80? We think he’s priceless, but then again, so is good quality insurance cover. In the end, if your insurance is up for renewal, buy the insurance you need to properly protect your family home or car or pet, rather than just a policy that gives you a free toy. Even if he is very cute.