New compare the meerkat toys – Baby Oleg

baby-oleg-meerkatBeing abandoned on a doorstep doesn’t seem to have affected Baby Oleg’s rise to fame, as the insurance giant is now giving away toys of the cheeky pup.

It’s the first new character to join the village cast for at least a year, and follows on the heels of the revelation of schoolteacher Maiya’s secret agent past.

Just when critics think the meerkat has had his time in the spotlight, the ad team pull it out of the bag with something new, cute and irresistible. Clever advertising pups!



Meerkats really do look out for each other

The image of a meerkat up on its hind legs watching for predators is very familiar, but a new study by the University of Cambridge suggest that this behaviour is for the good of the group rather than just the individual’s safety. Researchers noted older meerkats displaying “a sudden increase in their vigilance behaviour” when young meerkat pups joined them foraging for food.

Peter Santema, a PhD Zoology student at the University, studied the reaction of meerkats just before the pups arrived, and just after. “These results are exciting, as they show us that individuals are not just on the look-out for their own safety, but that the protection of other group members is another motivation for these behaviours. Our results thus suggest that vigilance and sentinel behaviour in meerkats represent forms of cooperation.”

New review of the Nanoblock Meerkat set (NBC 022)


Actually, not so much a meerkat toy review as a ‘Here’s how we built these cute meerkats out of these tiny nanoblocks’.

From first packet snip to finished article took under an hour, but you’ll be relieved to know we’ve shortened that to a zippy 2.5 mins of hand-flying nanoblock building action!

Click here to see the video:

Meerkat garden ornaments to brighten your garden

Cheer yourself up with a cheeky meerkat ornament to brighten any garden, patio or lawn.

From meerkats that wobble in the breeze to cute solar lantern and birdbath ornaments, our meerkat collection helps banish those ‘So there’s a drought but it won’t stop raining’ blues!

Discover our full range of meerkat garden statues and figures – all your meerkat ornament needs on one easy to navigate  page – simples!

Christmas meerkat gift ideas

meerkat soft toy in santa outfitThere’s still time to order your Xmas meerkat gifts and get them delivered in time for Christmas, but you’ll need to get your claws a tappin’ on your PC or mobile!

Our Christmas meerkat collection has everything ‘meerkat Christmas’, from mugs to wrapping paper, toys to jigsaws.

And if you prefer your meerkats without Santa hats, just browse our Meerkat Gifts section for inspiring ideas, including a new selection of meerkat jewellery and trinket boxes.

How to draw a meerkat

Ever wanted to draw a meerkat but only have a ball point pen and a sheet of A4 to hand?

Take a timelapse camera, add some artistic skill (actually, lot of artistic skill), and you’ve got Drawing Hands, a wonderful YouTube artist we’ve just discovered here at Meerkats Toys HQ.

And this little beauty of a video shows how in under an hour that biro and paper become a superb meerkat drawing.

Are we both impressed and a teeny bit envious? You bet!

Never get between a granny and her meerkats…

When grandmother Barbara Garnston discovered someone has stolen her four prize meerkat ornaments from her front garden, she didn’t just sit and mope. She found them and snatched them back in a daring raid!

Mind you, when you read that Barbara has no less than 27 grandchildren and 38 great grandchildren, and decided to beat on the culprit’s door with her walking stick to demand the last meerkat back, she is clearly not a lady to be trifled with…